Get Faster At Editing Podcasts! (Fast Podcast Editing Tips)

Do you want to get faster at editing podcasts? Whether you’re editing your own podcast or editing for others, the faster you can edit while keeping the same level of quality, the better.

A beginner editor will typically edit a podcast in at least 4 times the total length of the audio. So, for example, a one-hour episode could take four hours to edit. And for some editors and more problematic audio, it can take even longer. This means less time spent on creating and promoting if you’re editing your own podcast. And if you edit for clients, it means, well, time is money!

In this video, I’m going to show you how I edit podcasts to an excellent, professional standard in two times the length of the audio or less. I start off the video with three actionable podcast editing tips that will help to improve your workflow. I then show you a full, uncut stream of me editing a five-minute chunk of a podcast episode in just 10 minutes. You’ll see my workflow, which tools I use and what edits I make. And there are a lot of edits! It’s important to be thorough and detailed for the best listening experience possible. But by using these techniques you can avoid pausing too much which slows you down.

A lot of what makes for fast editing is just practice. But by streamlining your workflow from the start, you’ll be able to get faster at editing podcasts… faster! I edit in Pro Tools, but what you’ll learn applies to any DAW!

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