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What is the Best Podcast File Format to Use for Your Podcast?

It’s important to know which file format you should be using and how they affect your audio. Getting the right format means that your listener gets a better listening experience which will help to grow your podcast. It also means you’ll be able to upload your files to your podcast host without any headaches. Find out what the best podcast file format to use is in this guide.

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How To Record a Podcast – The Complete Guide

Find out how to record a podcast at home for beginners in this complete guide to podcast recording!
If you’re planning on starting a podcast and you want to know how to record it at home, or you’ve just launched and want to know how to get the best recording possible – this is for you.

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Does Your Podcast NEED Editing?

Whether you’re thinking of starting a podcast, you’ve just launched, or even if you’re a podcasting pro – you might be asking the question – does your podcast need editing? Let’s find out!

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9 podcast audio recording tips

9 Podcast Audio Recording Tips for The Best Sounding Podcast

How can you ensure that your message is heard? Low-quality audio can put listeners off and reduce listener retention. This is why it’s important to get a high-quality recording of your podcast. Check out these 9 podcast audio recording tips and take your podcast to the next level!

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